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Blogger Marketing

Three million new blogs come online every month. Blogger, owned by Google is one of the most popular platforms for blogging.  Activities and signals on your Blogger account also contribute to search results on Google.

Blogging is another good way for you to share information and update your audience, target market and customers. If done correctly, blogging helps establish expertise and leadership about one’s industry, niches, products or services.


Starbucks, Dell and General Motors are some of the companies who are also busy marketing their products via blogging.

Key Benefits:


  • Connect to a huge blogging community
  • Opens a channel for marketing opportunities
  • Promotion by word-of-mouth
  • Build brand awareness
  • Encourage user engagement
  • Increase customer loyalty and intimacy


We will setup your  Blogger account, implement theme design, implement Google+ authorship, optimize important elements such as titles, descriptions, tags, write articles for blog posts, and post images per blog post to help you become more visible to their target audience and market.


We put in place social media buttons or widgets on your blog and website as well as social media analytics for trackable and measurable social media campaigns.


Included in the packages:


  • Blogger Account Creation and Optimization
  • Blogger Theme Implementation
  • Google+ Authorship Inclusion
  • Backlink Building from Blog Posts
  • Blogger Social Integration and Analytics
  • Reporting and Auditing


Boost your visibility add value to your services with our Blogger Marketing Services Packages.

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