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Google+ Marketing

Google+ is the social networking platform of Google which also provide Google+ Business Pages to promote your brand and engage users.  Activities on your Google+ profile and Google+ Business Pages and Circles also strongly influence search results on Google.

Many companies haven’t fully utilized the features of Google+ to realize its benefits yet.  When a person does a “+1″ on a website, Google counts it as a factor to display search results for searches of people in that person’s circles. Our expertise on Google+ will ensure your clients make the most of this platform and reap the rewards.


Key Benefits:

  • Increase positive signals on Google search
  • Promote brand awareness
  • Encourage user engagement
  • Build customer loyalty and intimacy


We setup your Google+ profile and Google+ Business Page, customize banner images, populate their profile, write content for branding, optimize important elements, add people, regularly create and post content and photos to build a strong marketing presence.


We put in place social media buttons or widgets to your website as well as social media analytics for trackable and measurable social media campaigns.


Included in our Google+ Marketing Services packages:

  • Google+ Profile and  Google+ Business Page  Setup
  • Google+ Business Page Updates
  • Backlink building from Business Page Updates
  • Adding People to your Circles (Google+ Personal Profile)
  • Adding People to your Circles (Google+ Business Page)
  • Page Photo Updates
  • Google+ Spam Filters
  • Website Social Integration and Analytics
  • Reporting and Auditing


Allow you to gain the benefits of social media marketing on Google+ and provide more value with our Google+ Marketing Services Packages.

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