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For Businesses That Must Attract NEW CUSTOMERS:


  • Over 65 million people are searching online every day using their mobile phones.
  • The mobile phone is becoming your customer’s computer. (true!)
  • ”By 2013, more people will access the internet by mobile phones than desktop computers.”
  • The customers you want are becoming mobile users. They want access to your website using their mobile phone…


Here’s The Answers To Your Questions:


  • “How can my business be mobile-ready?”
    Easy! We’ll build an image-enhancing easy-to-read mobile website…and your business will automatically be available to millions of mobile users anywhere, anytime!
  • “Why is mobile web so important?”
    Mobile phones outnumber PCs by 4 to 1 and this number is rising daily. Your customers are
    already looking for you on their mobile phones.
  • “Will I be listed in the search engines?”
    Having a mobile site provides another way for visitors to find you. Your business will be listed on the mobile-friendly search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Your business will be placed in high traffic mobile and local directories, increasing your exposure…and more exposure equals more business!
  • “Why do mobile sites need to be different?”
    Websites built for viewing on computer screens don’t present well on mobile phone screens, which are much smaller and slower to load. Mobile sites are specifically designed to be easy to read and navigate through on mobile phones.
  • “Will this replace my standard desktop website?”
    No, your desktop site remains unchanged. When a visitor arrives at your site while on their mobile device, it automatically and seamlessly delivers them to your mobile friendly version. They still have the option to return to your full website with just one click!
  • “Is a mobile site expensive?”
    No, the volume of installations we do allows us to keep this service very affordable…for almost any size business. And the ROI is very high.
  • “Why do I need a mobile website specialist?”
    Most webmasters don’t know how to build effective mobile websites. Our proven expertise gives us an edge in creating a simple-to-use and sales-ready mobile site….and we do it quickly!


Your mobile website will work on every mobile device- 100%GUARANTEED!

Here’s our PROMISE:


  • 100% Adaptability –
    Your mobile site will automatically adapt to any mobile phone.
  • 100% Versatility –
    Your visitors will easily be able to switch between your mobile site and your full website.
  • 100% Device Detection –
    Your visitors will be ensured the best user experience by automatically being routed to your mobile site if they are browsing on their mobile device.
  • 100% Customer Visibility-
    Visitors see your website the way it was meant to be seen. …on all platforms, regardless of the brand.


Mobile Statistics

Local Search Numbers:

  • 20% of Google’s total searches contain a geographic/ local qualifier like a zip code, a city, or a street (Google, SXSW 2011)
  • 3 billion searches each month are for local-based keywords (Google, SXSW 2011)
  • 1 in every 3 Google searches from mobiles are local (Google, CITA Wireless 2010)
  • Half of all Bing mobile searches are local (Bing, CITA Wireless 2011)
  • 30% of all restaurant searches are from a mobile device (Google Mobile blog)
  • 40% of all Google Maps traffic is from mobile phones (Google, SXSW 2011)
  • Google Maps has 150 million mobile users (Google, SXSW 2011)
  • 55% of adult smartphone users surveyed indicated they use their phone for location-based recommendation services (Pew, 2011)
  • 90% of smartphone users search for local information on their phones (Pew Research Center, 2011)
  • 86% of all online searchers use local search to find businesses (Kelsey Group)
  • 40% of AT&T mobile phone users surveyed had searched for a retail establishment on their mobile phone (AT&T-Nielsen, 2011)
  • 66% of AT&T mobile phone users surveyed had searched for a restaurant on their mobile phone (AT&Nielsen, 2011)
  • Mobile phone users are 45% more likely to enter a local based search term than a computer users (Chikita, 2010)

Local Consumer Behavior:

  • 90% of searchers perform some offline follow up with businesses they find online such as calling for more information or making a purchase (comscore)
  • 59% of local information seekers visit a business after looking up information on it on their cell phones (Google Mobile Insights)
  • 51% of people would characterize their shopping behavior as research online, buy offline (NPD Group)
  • 61% of online local searches result in an offline purchase (TMP/ comScore)
  • 23% of US searchers surveyed indicated they’d be more likely to make contact with a business that showed pictures in their directory listings (Bright Local)
  • 88.2 million US adults have redeemed an online coupon either online or offline (eMarketer)
  • 21% of US adults surveyed said they had used a search engine to research a shopping decision in the past 24 hours (Pew Internet and American Life survey September 2010)
  • 80% of US adults under 35 consider the Internet their main source of information on local information; for the total population it is 70% (TMP Local Search Study)
  • 89% of adults surveyed by Yelp indicated they used the phone book once a month or less or never (Yelp, 2011)
  • 39% of search engine users surveyed indicated that they “routinely felt frustrated” by not being able to find a local business online (Webvisible-Nielsen, 2009)
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