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You can ensure your presence and participation in this most active, highly dynamic and extremely rich area in the Internet with our Social Media Optimization Packages.

Social media is the fastest growing space in online marketing as more and more people connect with each other, communicate and share thoughts and feelings about companies, brands, products and services they have experience with through status messages, likes, tweets, links, photos, and videos..

According to ComScore, nearly 1 in 6 minutes online is spent on social networks. Social media marketing promote brand awareness, influence buying behavior and buying decisions, promote customer loyalty and intimacy through regular updates, feedback and response, positive engagement and amplification through likes, shares, reposts, re-tweets, and etc.


Key Benefits:


  • Build brand awareness
  • Encourage user engagement
  • Promote customer loyalty and intimacy


Our Social Media Optimization Packages include:


  • Account and Profile Creation, Design and Optimization
  • Fan Page, Business Page, Blog, Channel Creation, Branding, Design and Optimization
  • Content, Photo and Video Creation, Posting, Optimization and Back linking
  • Regular Posting and Maintenance
  • Adding People in Circles, Friends, Fans, Followers, Circles, Connections
  • Website Social Integration and Analytics
  • Spam Filtering
  • Reporting and Auditing


You may be particular on a certain social media platform, so our packages are grouped based on platforms. So you, may just select a package from our Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogger, Picasa and Pinterest platforms or from all platforms or any combination thereof. We also have a special Google package designed to maximize visibility on Google search, hence the name, Google Social Dominator.


Social Media Optimization – Google Social Dominator

Google is the world’s leading search engine and Google+ is the social networking platform of Google which also provide Google+ Business Pages to promote your brand and engage users.


Social Media Optimization – Google+ Marketing Services

Google+ is the social networking platform of Google which also provide Google+ Business Pages to promote your brand and engage users.  Activities on your Google+ profile and Google+ Business Pages and Circles also strongly influence search results on Google.


Social Media Optimization – Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter, with more than 500 million active users, generates over 340 million tweets daily and handle


Social Media Optimization – YouTube Marketing Services Reseller

YouTube has over 800 million unique visits each month with over 4 billion hours of video watched each month. YouTube is localized in 43 countries and across 60 languages.


Social Media Optimization – Picasa Marketing Services

Picasa is one of the leading photo organization software and sharing site. Picasa is also owned by Google. Activities and signals on your Picasa account contribute to search results on Google.  Sharing photos is one good way for your clients to keep in touch with their audience.


Social Media Optimization – Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook is the largest social networking site with more than 2 billion users. Facebook leads in


Social Media Optimization – LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn is the Internet’s largest and most powerful social networking tool for business professionals with about 187 million users in 200 countries to date. LinkedIn signs up 2 new members every second. Customer acquisition success rate via LinkedIn is 61% for B2B and 39% for B2C.


Social Media Optimization – Blogger Marketing Services

Three million new blogs come online every month. Blogger, owned by Google is one of the most popular platforms for blogging.  Activities and signals on your Blogger account also contribute to search results on Google.


Social Media Optimization – Pinterest Marketing Services

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard which just started in 2012 but has already grown its daily users by 145% since.  It gets 10 million monthly unique visitors and drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.

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